Adult Leaders

For NYLT to be effective, we need your help. This page is meant to give you a short summary of what to expect and how you can help.

Youth Selection

NYLT is a training course. Scouts/Venturers you send should be mature enough that they can come back to your unit and be in a meaningful leadership position.

Do send:

Do not send:

What Is Expected

Coming out of NYLT, the Scout/Venturer should have some ideas on how to make the Troop/Crew better. These need to be agreed upon by both the Scoutmaster/Venture Leader and the Scout/Venturer. During the course, the Scout/Venturer will have formed a list of goals to complete, called his Personal Challenge.

Note - The Scout/Venturer has completed the course upon leaving course week after the graduation ceremony. The Challenge is an additional step the Scout/Venturer can complete for additional recognition.

Challenge Completion

We encourage Scoutmasters/Venture Leaders to work with their NYLT Scouts/Venturers to have their goals completed between August and November. When the Scout has completed his Personal Challenge, the Scoutmaster/Venture Leader should e-mail NYLT at and state what the Scout/Venturer has done to demonstrate leadership and completion of the Personal Challenge. At this time we will make arrangements for presentation of the Challenge Completion neckerchief at a troop meeting or Court of Honor.